British singer Adele fainted just during her performance in Las Vegas.

The performer became ill behind the scenes. The artist's team found her unconscious on the floor. They lifted Adele up and brought her to her senses.

"They lifted me off the floor," the actress said, writes The Sun.

It is known that the star suffers from sciatica. During a concert in Las Vegas, a serious illness reminded of itself. So the singer had to take a break during the performance to recover and rest.

Adele/Photo: Associated Press

"I'm going to sit down and take a break from sciatica," Adele shared.

Earlier, the 35-year-old performer said that she suffers from chronic back pain for almost half of her life. In particular, the actress said that discomfort arises from stress or "the wrong posture." So, to reduce pain, a celebrity often rests his entire weight first on one leg and then on the other.

We will remind, recently Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he suffers from an incurable disease, the symptoms of which manifested themselves in his childhood.