It is time for the Soviet Army Monument to be removed. This was commented on the air of "Wake Up" Stanka Jeleva, daughter of the first President of the Republic of Bulgaria Zhelyu ZhelevDr. Zhelyu Mitev Zhelev (March 3, 1935 - January 30, 2015) was born in the village of Veselinovo, Shumen region. Ends.

"It takes goodwill, courage is needed, because it is a disgrace in the center of Sofia the highest and largest monument to be the Monument to the Soviet Army. On an army, thanks to which the totalitarian regime was imposed. The defenders of the monument continue to be his heirs," Jeleva said.

"The problem is that there are too many interests in Bulgaria the society to be divided, to be opposed. This monument has become a symbol of this division," she added.

He stressed: "These people, the heirs of this people's power, who want to continue to be a key factor in Bulgarian politics, need the monument."

Tension in front of MOCHA: Fences placed in front of the monument

"At the moment of the move is the district government, which undertakes, shall we say, the ownership of the monument. If it is not removed by politicians, I think it will be removed from civil society, "said Stanka Jeleva.

Zhelyu Zhelev

Monument to the Soviet Army

Stanka Jeleva