Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina answered why she gave her nine-year-old son Sasha to shoot.

On the boy's birthday. Which he celebrated on August 25, the star mother arranged an unexpected surprise for her son. Sasha was not only able to see different types of weapons, but also try to shoot them in a shooting range under the supervision of an instructor.

Many followers of Efrosynina condemned this choice of gift for the child. However, in Instagram stories, the TV presenter explained her position. According to Masha, the war in Ukraine forces her to prepare her son for various life challenges. The presenter also showed the number of air raid alarms in one day in the capital, which, in her opinion, traumatize the child's psyche much more than attempts to shoot.

"Someone wrote that children should not be allowed to learn to shoot. I believe that as long as there is ots*sia, it is necessary... Because children are traumatized not by self-defense training, but by six crazy sirens a day," Masha explained her position.

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Earlier, Efrosinina showed how her son deftly holds weapons in his hands while studying in a shooting range. The boy even managed to show good results the first time.

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