The computer fair in the minds of the general public is, of course, an exhibition to buy the latest computer products, but as the population ages, technology products aimed at the elderly are also attracting attention.

Legislative Council Member Chan Hoi Yan officiated at the opening ceremony today (25 December) and invited the Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Sun Dong, to experience rehabilitation equipment first-hand.


The Computex was held from 8 to 25 August, and the Kowloon General Chamber of Commerce organised the "Geronics Smart Technology Museum", which was the first time that gerontechnology products were displayed at the same time as the Computer Fair.

Chen Kaixin said that in the past, young people mainly visited computer exhibitions for playing machines or e-sports. However, she stressed that technology should be relevant at any age, and pointed out that in addition to helping to care for the elderly, technology can play a "preventive" role in the most important way, such as early detection of the risk of brain degeneration and cardiovascular disease, describing the exhibition as the first step in tackling the problem of population ageing.


A variety of rehabilitation equipment allows patients to complete the treatment at home

After presiding over the opening of the Computer Exhibition, Sun Tung also made a special visit to the Gerontechnology Museum and experienced gerontechnology products with Chan Hoi Yan and Chairman of Kowloon Chamber of Commerce Yuen Ka Lok, including equipment to assist in hand rehabilitation of patients with stroke or brain trauma. The device allows patients who have had a stroke or brain injury to undergo the procedure at home.

Exhibitors also included rehabilitation exercise systems and augmented reality (AR) rehabilitation training, which allows patients to complete rehabilitation training at home.

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