In the family of TV presenter Masha Efrosinina today, August 25, her son Alexander celebrates her ninth birthday.

On a special day, the star mom congratulated her son with a touching Instagram post and showed how little Sasha had matured.

"How I dreamed of you! It has been nine years since my dream is a reality! Happy birthday, the kindest boy in the world," Masha addressed the boy.

Son of Masha Efrosinina / Photo:

On her birthday, together with her husband Timur Khromaev, who now serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the presenter arranged a surprise for her son. Since childhood, Sasha dreamed of becoming a policeman, so his parents decided to give him the opportunity to try to hold real weapons in his hands.

"A year and a half ago, we had to explain to him why there were people who wanted to kill us, why they were killing us, and why our dad went to fight them. So he recognized such a phenomenon as an enemy. The enemy does not apologize, does not stop crimes, does not have a heart. It is worse even than predatory animals. Over time, I noticed that my son plays shooting games with himself - during a walk he picks up all the sticks, makes his "weapon" out of them and constantly runs between the trees... To my question: "Why does he like it so much?", he replied: "I want to learn how to neutralize the enemy!". Dad showed him his weapon recently. He persuaded his friend, a professional instructor, an active military man, to give Sasha some lessons in professional shooting on his birthday," the TV presenter said.

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The boy, under the close supervision of an instructor, was able to try different types of weapons in action and even boasted a very good result on the first attempt.

At first, according to Masha, she was excited about such an idea for a gift to her son, but then she realized why it was necessary.

"It caused me very contradictory emotions - on the one hand, everyone who knows Sasha sees how kind, peaceful and sensitive he is, on the other hand, he has been seeing his dad's daily reports on his activities for more than a year, systematically asking if dad will be killed, and does not live in a ghostly world. Classes were held under the strict supervision of an instructor! Sasha overcame his fear of the first shot, and then it was difficult to tear it off. He said that he would still be a policeman, but he wanted to return to shooting classes so as not to be afraid of criminals, because "dad is not even afraid of enemies"... Then he asked for ice cream... I wish our reality were different. But if she is already like that, we all have to look her in the eye," Efrosinina shared.

Son of Masha Efrosinina / Photo: