Finland has approved the next military aid package for Ukraine.

The EPA reports to the Finnish Ministry of Defence that the country's president has approved a government cabinet proposal on military assistance today.

"The support of Finland and our allies for Ukraine remains unchanged. "The key in terms of future security order in Europe and Finland is to prevent Russian aggression against Ukraine," Defense Minister Antti Hakkänen said.

It should be noted that this will be Finland's 18th military aid package sent to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defence has said the military aid to be deployed is worth 94 million euros. Finland has so far provided 1.3 billion euros worth of aid to Ukraine.

The ministry noted that no further information would be provided on the contents, delivery method or timetable of the package to ensure that assistance was safely reached at the mission site.

The decision on Finland's additional assistance has highlighted the needs of both Ukraine and the resources of the Defense Forces.