The British band The Rolling Stone.

The British band The Rolling Stone published in the local newspaper Hackney Gazette an announcement about the publication of their new album next September, the BBC media group said today.

The underhand promotion of the fictitious company, with the name Hackney Diamonds (old London slang to refer to broken glass), alludes to several themes of the group such as Satisfaction, Gimme Shelter or Shattered.

His text in the newspaper warns that "our friendly team promises you satisfaction," adding: "When you say give me shelter, we will fix your broken windows."

Fans of the legendary rock band speculate that the name of the alleged company that launched the ad, Hackney Diamonds, will be the title of this studio album, the number 31 produced by the troop led by singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards.

For fans, other traces found in the ad are a miniature version of the logo on the Stones' lips, shown as the dot of the letter "i" in the word Diamonds, and the fact that the glass repair business emerged in 1978, the same year the formation was created.

If the message is true, the new album would be his first since Blue and Lonesome (2016), which collects blues covers, and his first phonogram with original material since A Bigger Bang (2005).

(With information from BBC and Prensa Latina)

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