The woman complained about her sister's "outrageous" act towards her newborn son, because of which she even called the police.

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Simone and her sister Phoebe gave birth to babies two weeks apart. Their sons are now three and five weeks old. Phoebe's baby is breastfed, but Simone's baby is not.

Simone recently needed surgery, and since her son's father wasn't around, Phoebe and her husband offered to sit with him while she was in the hospital.

But while she was absent these three days, the sister decided to get her hands on the issue of feeding the baby.

"When I got home, I came across my son on my sister's chest," Simone explained. "I called the police, but there was nothing they could do."

The woman added that she "had no problem with the situation from the beginning" as "it was probably easier to breastfeed him than to do it from a bottle," but what her sister told her next was speechless to Simon: "She said she had thrown everything I fed him in the trash and was going to express herself and give him milk."

The woman was outraged that her sister threw away the mixture and breastfed her son / Photo:

The mother did not immediately respond, but instead went to the bathroom and called the police. In response, she heard that what her sister had done was not a crime.

When Phoebe found out about her sister's call, she got angry with her and said she was just trying to help. But Simone replied: "You threw away 14 cans of formula without even consulting me, and now we have nothing to replace it."
As a result, Phoebe ran out and blocked Simone on all social networks.

After sharing their story online, users rallied and supported the angry mom.

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