Against the backdrop of the other finalists, Bulgarian chess player Nurgul Salimova is alone there, her coach Zhivko Zhekov told NOVA.

"In chess, every competitor occasionally works with some good grandmaster who passes on knowledge for a fee. This is the case the grandmaster Basov", explained Zhivko Zhekov.

Nurgul Salimova paid a friend to be there with her.

"This boy, who is a second, with him are friends for 4-5 years, family friends. She asked him not to be completely alone, because she was afraid of illness and could not spend a day there on her own. That's why she's there, she pays him a separate room. Everyone else has a personal trainer, a medical professional, a recovery person. In this sense, she is even "without clothes", commented Zhivko Zhekov.

In the end, she did not make a serious mistake, according to her coach.

The mayor of the village of Krepcha: We will welcome Nurgul as a hero, for us she is a world champion

"The performance is surprising, we had no dream of playing for the title. There was a match for match. It is good that he showed character to the whole chess world, eliminated strong opponents and performed quite worthily in the final, "said Zhivko Zhekov.

"There is no player who does not feel disappointed after losing a world final. But she can't really figure out what she's done yet, she'll figure it out in the coming days, and she'll be very happy and pleased with herself. When she realizes what emotion and love for herself she has caused in Bulgaria, she will be fully satisfied, "said Zhekov.

According to him, she is still not quite aware of the furor it caused in Bulgaria.

"There are different club championships of the countries. Every professional chess player has a contract with a team from another country. Then there is a strong tournament on the Isle of Man with 40 top competitors. I guess there will be invitations to other competitions. There is already an invitation from the Indian Federation. There are many competitions and there is time to prepare. The important thing is to recover now," Zhekov said.