Today (22nd) is the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar "Qixi", known as Chinese Valentine's Day, according to legend, because the cowherd and the weaver girl can only meet once a year on this day at the Queqiao, so when they meet again for a long time, they will inevitably shed "lovesick tears", so it is said that it will rain. This year's Qixi is affected by the southerly current, and there are also several "acacia rains", waiting for the sky to improve, and the observatory predicts to wait until next Sunday (27th).

Although Tiangong does not create beauty today, it does not damage the determination of the people to worship the "Seven Sisters (i.e. Weaver Girl)". Nearly 200 believers dressed in traditional costumes participated in the Qixi Festival to pray for good fortune and bow down to Huang Zhongxian and bow down to Seven Sisters.


The southerly air flow brings several "acacia rains" today

Legend has it that every year on Qixi is the day when cowherds and weaver girls meet once a year, and the tears shed by concern when meeting will become rain falling into the mortal world, so it always rains every year on Qixi Festival, and this year is no exception. Today's Qixi is affected by the southerly air current, there are also several "acacia rains", today is generally cloudy, the temperature is between 28 and 32 degrees, blowing slightly to gentle southeast to southeast wind.

Although the weather was not good, it did not hurt a group of good believers to kneel down to worship the Seventh Sister, and the Wong Tai Sin Temple of Si Se Yuen also held the Seventh Sister's Birthday and Garden Tour Party tonight, and the prayer ceremony to help the good faith and make a good relationship was held at 7 pm, with nearly 200 ladies in Chinese costumes participating. At the beginning of the ceremony, the people first bowed three times and bowed nine times to the icon of Wong Tai Sin Master, and then the chief priest read out the names of the participants one by one to show the deity.

Mai Meijuan's seventh sister offered treasure beads and fat powder and received a red rope blessing for marriage

The Director of the Mingying Bureau, Ms Mak Mei-juan, also attended, and together with six other guests, presented treasure bead powder, treasure clothes and Seventh Sister basin to Seventh Sister. At the end of the ceremony, the guests and participants, led by the Chief Officer, stepped on the "Magpie Bridge", and when the participants walked across the Magpie Bridge one by one, they were given a red rope blessing for marriage, which symbolizes the blessing of the gods, the blessing of longevity and the blessing of good fortune.

There were many lighting arrangements at the site, and a number of activities were also set up at the garden tour party, including traditional embroidery, headdress making, rope knot and rose workshops, instant booths, Qi Jie Basin display area, the first line of the marriage of the old moon, and the Qixi history and culture exhibition. Ladies entering the park tonight will receive a mini flower dew, while ladies dressed in costumes will receive a mirror set.

The observatory is expected to get noticeably better next Sunday

After the Qixi Festival, due to the influence of the vast low-pressure trough, there will be sudden rain and thunderstorms in the next few days in the north-central South China Sea and the coast of South China, followed by several showers of rain in the next day or two. To wait until the sky improves, it will be until next Sunday (27th), due to the influence of high-altitude anticyclones, the heavy rain along the Guangdong coast gradually decreases during the weekend to the beginning of next week.

However, the good weather is not usual, the good weather only lasts for a few days, and by next Wednesday (30th), heavy rain will come again, and there will be thunderstorms in local areas, and there will be sunshine for only a short time. The forecast for the day was medium, i.e. 45 to 54 average cumulative rainfall of 10 mm or more.

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