Ukrainian refugees living in a hotel in the West of Ireland have expressed concern over a government order to pay for food.

It is reported by the publication Independent.

Earlier this year, the Irish government announced that Ukrainian refugees staying in hotels and other serviced areas would have to pay €10 per adult and €5 per child daily for meals.

However, this has provoked a backlash from those living at the Breaffy Woods Hotel near the town of Castlebar, which houses 333 Ukrainian refugees.

In a letter sent to hotel management, Ukrainians said the food did not meet the standards set by the World Health Organization and was "not equivalent to the proposed value."

Also in the letter, Ukrainians expressed their "concern and collective dissent" and wrote that migrants from other countries are not forced to pay for food.

"The hotel administration does not oblige residents of other nationalities to pay for meals, which can be regarded as a manifestation of discrimination," the letter says.

Refugees who refuse to pay will be treated as refusing accommodation and being asked to leave the hotel.

"The direct threat of eviction of Ukrainian families, in case of non-payment of food contributions, violates the terms of the directive on temporary protection in EU countries for persons displaced as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to which housing is mandatory," the letter says.

On July 17, Ukrainians living at the hotel received a letter from the Equality Department stating that new meal charges were mandatory. In addition, any laundry or pet maintenance costs "will no longer be covered by this department."

According to the publication, there are about 85,000 Ukrainian refugees in Ireland who have received temporary protection after Russia's invasion. They can work or apply for social benefits, including benefits for job seekers.

The hotel replied that they had been advised to forward the matter to the government.

Earlier it was reported that due to the death of a Ukrainian child in Germany, the police are checking the version of arson of a hostel with refugees.

It was also reported that Polish women are jealous of their husbands because they look at Ukrainian refugees.

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