A Polish citizen tried to take her Ukrainian boyfriend out of Ukraine by hiding it under a blanket.

This was reported by the Western Regional Department of the State Border Guard Service.

During the inspection of the car, border guards found a man hiding behind the front seats on the floor of the car and was covered with a blanket. It turned out to be the driver's boyfriend, a 32-year-old citizen of Ukraine.

A Polish citizen covered her boyfriend with a blanket.

The man is liable for military service, subject to restrictions on traveling abroad. It was because of this that the couple decided to overcome the state border, resorting to tricks.

For an attempt to illegally cross the state border, the man will be brought to administrative responsibility. And in the actions of women there are signs of a crime under Art. "Illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine", about which a report was sent to the police.

Recall that in Transcarpathia, two men of military age were detained, who pretended to be a "volunteer" and a "foreigner" to go abroad.

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