The Russian army is trying to erase the national identityof Ukrainians in the occupied territories.

This is stated in a new report by the British Ministry of Defense on Twitter.

According to British intelligence, Kremlin propaganda is being imposed in schools and the media. On August 15, First Deputy Head of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko traveled to Donetsk in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine to visit schools and test their integration into the Russian education system.

"On September 1, 2023, a new textbook on the history of Russia will be released for schools in the occupied regions of Ukraine and the entire Russian Federation. The book praises the so-called "special military operation" and describes Ukraine as an ultra-terrorist state," the report says.

Intelligence officials say Russia's goal is to create a pro-Kremlin information space in the occupied regions in order to undermine Ukrainian national identity.

In addition, the Russians are preparing to send their "observers" to the occupied territories who will go to houses and force teenagers to take a Russian passport.

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