Ukrainian defenders today, August 17, "landed" two Russian Ka-52 combat helicopters. These helicopters contain high-tech components of Western countries and Asian countries.

This was stated by Head of the President's Office Andriy Yermak.

"The two Russian Ka-52 helicopters shot down today could not fly without foreign components," he said in a statement.

According to Yermak, the Russians are actively using these helicopters at the front to have air superiority and strike at the positions of the Defense Forces. Meanwhile, Ukrainian experts have been studying the Ka-52 for a long time, and therefore it is known that they have foreign components.

"It is known that this helicopter contains high-tech components of Western states and Asian countries. In particular, chips, microprocessors, integrated circuits, receivers, flash memory, telecommunications transformers, transceivers, linear stabilizers, chips, without which its operation would be impossible, since Russia is not capable of producing such technological products," the representative of the Office of the President said.

The ways in which Moscow receives components bypassing sanctions are currently being studied. In addition, Kyiv work with governments and manufacturing companies to limit the Russian military-industrial complex. Yermak also states that sanctions against the aggressor country should be strengthened.

"Sanctions against Russia need to be strengthened. The Russian military-industrial complex should not have access to technology. Shooting down a Ka-52 is great. But it is much better to deprive Russia of the ability to produce it," the Head of the President's Office emphasizes.

Recall that on August 17, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a Russian Ka-52 combat helicopter in the Bakhmut direction.

Later it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down the second Russian helicopter "Alligator" Ka-52 in the morning. It happened in the area of Robotny, Zaporizhia region.

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