On August 17, the Swedish Parliament supported the next package of assistance to Ukraine worth 270 million euros.

This was reported by the press service of the parliament.

In particular, military assistance will include spare parts and critical goods worth no more than SEK 1.1 billion. In addition, ammunition, demining equipment and vehicles worth a maximum of SEK 2.15 billion.

The Riksdag also decided to give the government the opportunity to sell a limited number of air-to-air missiles to the United States. The United States has launched a program to buy back older versions of AMRAAM missiles, provided that the same countries acquire new AMRAAM missiles. The program is aimed at the free transfer of purchased missiles to Ukraine to strengthen Ukrainian air defense," the parliament said.

It is noted that this decision increases defense spending in Sweden's budget by 545 million Swedish kronor in 2023.

Germany has sent a new package of military aid to Ukraine. In particular, it included two more launchers of the IRIS-T SLS system.

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