Istanbul may run out of water, Belarusian opposition news agency NEXTA reported on Twitter. The reason for these concerns is the call of the mayor of Istanbul for people to save water because of subsequent water shortages. Water levels in the reservoirs supplying Istanbul have fallen to record lows. If the drought continues, the situation will become critical.

India's IANS news agency also shared similar information, adding that Istanbul's dam filling rate fell to just 33.37 percent and the decline continued. Imamoglu called on the city's nearly 16 million residents to save "every precious drop of water flowing out of the tap," the Indian agency said.

#Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu has urged residents of Turkey's largest city to save water amid current drought and subsequent water shortage.

Warning that Istanbul's dam filling rate falls to merely 33.37 per cent and the decline is continuing, Imamoglu urged the city's nearly...

— IANS (@ians_india) August 17, 2023

The Turkish National Canal also said that there was an extremely dry period in Istanbul this summer and it was important to change water use habits so that there would be no interruption to the water supply. The Istanbul Water and Sanitation Administration (İSKİ), which also believes that the outflow of an average of 6 tonnes of water per year will be prevented by repairing cranes.

One of the largest cities in the world may be left without water

The mayor of Turkish Istanbul urged residents to conserve water in the face of drought and subsequent water shortages.

Water levels in reservoirs supplying Istanbul have fallen to record lows.

If the drought...

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) August 17, 2023

"Reduce the time you spend in the bathroom by 1 minute, save an average of 16 tons of water per year. Do not let the water flow while soaping during the shower. Do not leave the tap open while washing your hands and face or shaving. If you wash your hands with an open tap all the time, remember that 75 percent of the water is wasted. While waiting for the boiler to heat the water, collect the running water in a container and use it for other needs. Do not run the washing machines and dishwashers until they are fully charged. Wash your dishes in the machine, not by hand, avoid wasting 110 liters of water with each wash. Wash your laundry by machine rather than by hand, save an average of 9 tons of water per year. Wash vegetables and fruits in a container, not in running water," the Turkish National Channel quoted Istanbul National Channel as saying.

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