The extreme heat in Turkey continues this week. For weeks, the country has been under the influence of a hot front from Africa, and for several days it has been under the influence of a very hot wave coming from Basra, Iraq.

Over the past 24 hours, there have been temperature records again in many places in Turkey. In the southern district of Hatay, which has been among the areas hardest hit by the devastating earthquakes in February, a record 50 degrees Celsius was measured yesterday. The extremely high temperature was measured in the city of Hassa (Hatay County).

Turkey's mercury hits 52 degrees

In 47 of the 81 counties in the country, temperatures reached more than 40 degrees Celsius yesterday (in some areas - nearly 50 degrees), state television TRT-Haber reported.

In Adana yesterday were measured 48.4 degrees, in Mardin - 47.9, in Kilis - 47.6, Gaziantep - 47.4, Kahramanmaras and Osmaniye - 47.2, Şırnak - 46.6, Mersin - 46.1, Diyarbakir and Adıyaman - 46, Antalya - 44.9 degrees.

In the capital Ankara, the temperature also reached 44.3 degrees Celsius, and at 22 p.m. it was 35 degrees.

The same heat is expected in Ankara today. A hot wind is blowing in the capital, BTA reported.

Meteorologists say temperatures in many places in the country, mostly in eastern and southeastern Anatolia, are 6 to 10 degrees higher than normal for the season.

The heatwave sweeping Turkey is the longest this year. Extremely high temperatures have a negative impact on people's lives.


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