The Security Service and the BEB continue to investigate corruption schemes of the sanctioned oligarch Dmitry Firtash and the top management of companies controlled by him. Law enforcement officers documented the criminal activities of the heads of the boards of Volyngaz, Kryvorizhgaz and Chernihivgaz, who are involved in the theft of fuel from the gas transmission system of Ukraine.

This was reported by the SBU and the Prosecutor General's Office.

"These companies are actually controlled by the management of Regional Gas Company LLC (RGC affiliated with Firtash), which manages a total of 20 city and regional gas companies, which is 70% of all gas distribution networks in Ukraine," the statement said.

According to the investigation, Dmitry Firtash organized a scheme for the acquisition of natural gas. To do this, he attracted regional operators of gas transmission networks – regional gas companies, as well as other controlled business entities, which withdrew funds received for the distribution of natural gas in the regions of Ukraine.

To compensate for unauthorized gas taken from the Ukrainian GTS Operator, regional gas companies transferred funds to the enterprise controlled by the sanctioned oligarch in a much larger volume than gas was supplied to cover the company's expenses.

Under this scheme, officials of the businessman's regional gas companies embezzled funds that were allocated for the purchase of excessively selected gas.

According to the SSU materials, officials were given notices of suspicion under Part 3 of Art. 27, part 5 of art. 191, part 3 of art. 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (misappropriation, embezzlement or seizure of property through abuse of office). Based on the evidence base, a total of 11 heads of individual regional gas companies and four functionaries of Firtash's financial and industrial group have already been declared suspicious.

Earlier, the SBU, together with the BEB, exposed a large-scale scheme – officials of Firtash's regional gas companies embezzled more than 70% of the funds provided for the purchase of gas. In 2021 alone, the illegal activities of the defendants caused more than UAH 4.2 billion in losses to the state. And the total amount of damage, according to preliminary estimates, during 2016-2022 may amount to more than UAH 18 billion.

Recall, according to media reports, oligarch Dmitry Firtash received a diplomatic post from Belarus in Vienna.

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