The death toll from forest fires on the island of Maui in the US Hawaii reached 93 people. However, there may be more victims, because search dogs explored only 3% of the search area.

Writes about it Reuters.

Hundreds of people are still considered missing, how many exactly are unknown.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the restoration of the city of Lahain will cost $5.5 billion. More than 2,200 buildings were damaged or destroyed there, more than 850 hectares of land were burned.

Hundreds of people are still missing, although the exact number is unknown / Photo: Associated Press

This year's forest fires have already become the largest in terms of the number of victims of natural disasters in Hawaii.

Forest fires on the Hawaiian island of Maui began on August 10. The fire quickly engulfed most of the island and spread to the historic city of Lahaina. Because of the fires, thousands of people were left without electricity and telephone communications, many had to evacuate.

Recall that in Italy abnormal heat reigns, which practically paralyzes the life of the country. In particular, forest fires broke out on the Italian island of Sicily. Many airports have been closed and thousands of residents and tourists have been evacuated.

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