After the first months of great resistance of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in 2022, the organizer of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine, the public union "Osvitoria", adapted the format of the award to the new conditions and, instead of determining the finalists and winners, began collecting stories of teachers whose professional experience and work with children embody Ukrainian wartime teachers.

The collection of such stories within the framework of this year's award is currently underway. "Osvitoria" has already received several hundred stories of teachers who fought against the invaders for Ukrainian education, invent innovative learning formats, rebuild education in the liberated lands, hold the rear and psychologically support students and their families.

You can tell the teacher's story until September 1 on the award website. The form can be filled out by both the teacher himself and his colleagues, students or their parents - there are no restrictions.


It is imperative that all the feats of our teachers are heard, not one is lost. So this year we will continue to tell the stories of teachers who deserve all the awards that exist, whose contributions cannot be compared or appreciated. Their path and experience should be visible. In this way, we want to express our gratitude to teachers and note the importance of their work," says Zoya Lytvyn, head of the Osvitoria Union and founder of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine.

The curator of the award is invariably for the seventh time Natalia Moseychuk, 1+1 TV presenter and educator, who thanks teachers who work with children in hospitals in her Global Teacher Prize Ukraine category "Choice with Heart".

On October 7, on the air of the national telethon, Global Teacher Prize Ukraine will tell the stories of teachers in order to express gratitude to them, note the importance of their work and inspire new achievements.

Some of the collected stories of teachers will also be presented on the online platform on the websites of and, as well as on the platforms of the media partner – 1+1 media group, in particular on the news sites, UNIAN. In addition, on the Kyivstar TV film and television platform.

Information note

Global Teacher Prize Ukraine is an annual national award for teachers-agents of educational change. The award aims to recognize the achievements of teachers not only in relation to their students, but also in relation to society, and to emphasize the importance of teachers in Ukraine. The National Award was established in 2017 by the NGO "Osvitoria" after signing a memorandum with the Varkey GEMS Foundation. This year, for the second time, the award will recognize the heroes of the educational front who are fighting for the future for Ukrainian children. More on the website:

"Osvitoria" is a non-profit public union, which since 2013 has been helping to reform and develop education in Ukraine. More at:

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