After a unit in the capital of Sunrise Cannes in Tseung Kwan O was exposed in early July for illegally demolishing part of the main wall, today (7th) the floor between Block B and Block C of Fanling Centre is undergoing renovation works, and the wall is torn down with wind cannon trucks to expose steel bars, which caused cracks in the parking lot of the building and the wall of the building to peel off, worrying about another incident of demolishing the main wall.

DAB legislator Lau Kwok-hsun quoted the Buildings Department as saying that the engineers went to the site to understand and believed that the structural wall was not involved, and that the cracks were caused by the vibration of the wind cannon when the floor was removed.


The wind cannon cracked the parking lot when it demolished the wall

Mr Lau said that the team had received feedback from members of the public that the floor between Block B and Block C of Fanling Centre was undergoing renovation works and that the wall was being demolished by wind cannon trucks, and residents were concerned about whether it would affect the structure of the building. They immediately visited the site to enquire about the situation and contacted the OCS and Management Office to visit the site and understand the incident, including whether the renovation works had been approved in advance, and whether the demolished wall was the main wall.

Lau said that at about 5 p.m. today, an engineer from the Buildings Department visited the site to learn about it, and he quoted the engineer as saying that after the inspection, the steel reinforcement part of the wall removed by the assessment project would be relatively small, and it was believed that no structural wall was involved, and there was no immediate danger in the preliminary observation, and cracks appeared in the parking lot due to the vibration caused by the vibration of the wind turbine when the non-structural wall was removed.

The Buildings Department requires tenants to add supports immediately to ensure that the works do not affect the building structure; It is also recommended that the upper car park do not park for the time being, and the reinforcement support will be removed until the crack in the parking lot is repaired for safety. Lau said that the OC also requested that the wind cannon trucks should no longer be dismantled, and the parties concerned also promised not to use them again.

He said the team would continue to follow up closely on the incident, including maintaining close liaison with the OC, the Management Office and the Buildings Department.

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