The government is working to promote the telecommunications sector to build an inclusive digital economy.

Speaking at the launch of the 2nd African Submarine Cable and Airtel's 5G Broadband Technology, President Samia Suluhu Hassan said the launch of 5G technology would boost the growth of various sectors in the country.

He said that, given the importance of Tehama, technology is growing rapidly, the sixth-term government is committed to creating an enabling environment by providing investor services and building communications infrastructure.

He said they have recently started construction of 758 towers to expand the scope of communication which will benefit <> million Tanzanians across the country in urban and rural areas.

"I used to see 5G as a dream to get to the country, and I congratulate the Ministry now we have seen the giant robot bring 5G to Tanzania.

"When the robot came to bring 5G I was wondering was I going to receive it or another, because it would have decided to roll out the tablet and how big I don't know if I would get up.

According to TCRA data in March 2023, there are 61 million phone lines, this is almost all Tanzanians using the phone.

He said that out of 61 million lines, only 33 million lines use the internet through smartphones and other communication devices.

"The 2nd African cable will be able to connect us well with the world because it connects Asia, Europe and Africa at a length of 45,000 km and is estimated to be used by more than 3 billion people in Tanzania, including and we will provide services to our landlocked counterparts." Said

He said the new cable would stimulate commercial competition and make internet costs lower. It will keep Tanzania connected to the world at all times.

"Tanzania, being a network hub for the countries around us, will provide an opportunity for mobile providers to choose which network to use, which will increase quality and decrease costs as there will be competition, old cable, and this.

In addition, President Samia said, the availability of alternative services will keep Tanzania connected to the world at all times.

He said that, given the country's focus on digital economy, there are still many things as a country to do, including the improvement of systems within the government to be improved.