Ukraine will have to mobilize hundreds of thousands more people in addition to those already at the front.

This opinion was expressed by the head of the Return Alive Foundation Taras Chmut in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

Quantity is also important

According to the volunteer, this war shows once again that quantity at the front is also important, although quality is more important.

"Ukraine is a big country and will be a big country, and a small army does not suit us. Mathematically, it is impossible to put one soldier per 5 kilometers of territory. But as this war shows, a large number of unmotivated, untrained, incapable personnel are not able to fight effectively with any equipment," explains Chmut.

Head of the Return Alive Foundation Taras Chmut / Photo: Ukrayinska Pravda

"People just crumble"

The head of "Come Back Alive" reminded that over the past year and a half, Ukraine has lost irretrievably, or due to injuries, a huge number of motivated, trained, with combat experience people.

"Their places are very often taken by the wrong ones. Someone has been fighting since 2014 and has 10 years of experience behind them, and someone took up arms six months ago and has not yet gone their way of evolution. But at the same time, the level of losses that exists knocks people out, injuries, health, when people just crumble. And this is now a total problem," says Chmut.

According to his observations, the military, who have been in trenches on the front line for a year and a half, physiologically need restoration.

"And to do this, they need to be replaced by someone in these trenches. And these are hundreds of thousands of people who will have to be mobilized," summed up the head of the Return Alive Foundation.

Earlier, Taras Chmut explained the "slowness" of the counteroffensive and said that if accelerated, there would be more casualties. Chmut also answered whether the war would end this year.

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