Wang Gang, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Port Office, said that after the resumption of customs clearance at the beginning of this year, Luohu Port is still the first in the number of customs inspection and clearance at various ports. From January 1 to yesterday (August 8), Luohu cleared 8 million people. He pointed out that the authorities plan to upgrade the facilities of Luohu Port and will implement the "frequent flyer" scheme, which will make customs clearance and inspection more convenient for certain groups of people, such as students, business people and other scientific and technological personnel, as long as they are registered as "frequent travellers"; At the same time, RMB exchange points and free WiFi are installed at various ports to facilitate Hong Kong people to travel north.

Wang Gang also pointed out that the renovated Huanggang Port will be put into use in 2026, and after the completion of the new building, one customs clearance and one inspection will be implemented on the basis of one place and two inspections, when the Hong Kong Lok Ma Chau control point can be abolished, and Hong Kong will be able to build a science and technology park in the original control point area as planned. This means that the transformation of a port can free up more land and free up more space for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Park and the San Tin Science and Technology Park in Hong Kong.

In an interview with local media, Wang Gang said that the Luohu Port had the largest customs clearance, followed by Futian Port with 2100 million passengers, followed by Shenzhen Bay, West Kowloon, Liantang, Futian and Man Kam Du Port. However, he also pointed out that the growth of customs clearance at the Lo Wu port has not been as fast as at other ports, especially Liantang, Fu Tin and West Kowloon. Due to the early construction of the Luohu Port and the relatively dilapidated facilities, the authorities are preparing to renovate the port and upgrade the customs clearance facilities and inspection conditions.

He pointed out that many Shenzhen people and Hong Kong people have a complex for Luohu Port, because it is a symbol of reform and opening up, and in the future, it will "repair the old as before", not only will it not be demolished and rebuilt, but also let the people feel the mental memories left by the old Luohu Port, and preserve and display the port culture.

Each port facilitates Hong Kong people to exchange RMB to facilitate consumption in the north

In addition to the "frequent flyer" scheme to facilitate customs clearance and inspection, Luohu Port will implement a "frequent flyer" scheme. Wang Gang said that in order to promote Hong Kong people's consumption in the north, exchange points have been arranged at various ports to facilitate Hong Kong people to exchange RMB, and QR codes have been displayed to facilitate downloading mobile payment programs, and free WiFi has been installed in surrounding areas to ensure fast and convenient customs clearance signals at ports.

He also pointed out that in the future, Sha Tau Kok Port will also be renovated, the informatization and customs clearance inspection of other ports will also be improved, Liantang will first try the "cooperative inspection, one-time release" model, Shekou Terminal will build a helicopter port, and the new Qianhai Railway Port, Meisha and Nanao will build maritime ports.

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