Frozen eggs for dough and not only: how to prepare

When it comes to harvesting food in the freezer, many are interested in whether it is possible to freeze raw eggs. According to some studies, this should not be done. The fact is that raw eggs contain water, which expands during freezing, which can damage the shell. This means that bacteria can penetrate inside the egg.

It is also not recommended to freeze hard-boiled eggs or only proteins. Since the water in them changes structurally during the freezing process. The texture of hard-boiled eggs, especially proteins, after defrosting becomes unpleasant to eat.

So what to do? How do you freeze eggs? It is best to freeze beaten raw eggs, raw whites or yolks separately. It is also allowed to store egg-based dishes in the freezer (scrambled egg talker, custard pie, egg casserole).

Is it possible to freeze boiled eggs

Freeze in the freezer can only raw fresh eggs without shell. To check their freshness, you can conduct a small test. Fill a deep bowl with water, immerse eggs in liquid. If they drown, then fresh, and if they float on the surface, it is better to use them right now and not freeze.

It is important to pay attention! If during storage in the freezer you see a white layer of ice crystals on the outside of the product, you need to discard it. Eating such eggs is dangerous to health.

Freezing eggs: what you need

The process of freezing whole raw eggs is quite simple. Of course, this can be done only without shells:

  • Take muffin, ice, or food container molds that can be used in the freezer.
  • Beat raw fresh eggs with a fork or whisk.
  • You can add salt or sugar.
  • Pour the beaten eggs into molds, container. Cover tightly with cling film and place in freezer for 4 hours.
  • When the eggs are frozen, they can be put in a zipper bag suitable for the freezer.
  • If you freeze several eggs in a container, be sure to write how many there are. So it will be easier for you to work after defrosting the product. Do not forget to prescribe the date of freezing.

    How long can you store eggs in freezer? Fresh eggs can be stored for six months.

    You can also freeze whites and yolks separately if necessary or desired. For example, proteins that you will then use for meringues, biscuit, etc., must be whipped to a uniform consistency before freezing.

    The yolks are laid out in molds, salt or sugar is added, beaten slightly, then frozen. They can later be used to make mayonnaise, crème brulee, noodle dough, etc.

    How to thaw eggs

    This is a rather complicated process that must be carried out according to the rules. The safest thing is to put eggs from the freezer in the refrigerator overnight. When they become the same consistency as they were before freezing, they can be cooked.

    If time is short, you can put the frozen egg in a small bowl of cold water. This process will take 20-30 minutes, and cool water will not be as harmful as warm or hot.

    Does the taste of eggs change after freezing?

    Experts say that the taste of eggs changes somewhat after defrosting, becomes less pronounced, weakens. However, raw eggs are often used more for their properties rather than taste. For example, in baking they bind other ingredients. But if you are going to cook an omelet, it is better to add more spices, vegetables, herbs. So the taste of the dish will not suffer.

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