The newspaper "Al-Masry Al-Youm" quoted the media center of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities denying this news, stressing that there are no decisions to close the area and that it is still open to Egyptian and foreign visitors, and the center added that the visit movement is proceeding normally, and the ministry explained that the project to develop the pyramids area aims to improve the services provided to visitors and tourists, and includes the development of the archaeological area and its entrances and the visitor center. Earlier, calls were launched via Twitter in Egypt, to cancel the concert of rapper, Travis Scott, which is scheduled to be in front of the pyramids of Giza, on July 28.Despite the demand for buying tickets for the concert, the hashtag "#الغاء_حفل_ترافيس" spread, and accused tweeters Travis, being "a Freemason and supporter of the Afrocentric and practicing satanic rituals".While the company responsible for selling tickets for the concert revealed that it had run out, after it was offered at prices consisting of two categories, the first worth 4,19 One pound ($34.6) and the second for 194,<> pounds ($<>).