This was reported by fighters of the Third Separate Assault Brigade on the Telegram channel.

"From the capital to the front! Recently, the KCSA adopted a financial support package aimed at strengthening the combat capability of the Ukrainian army. In particular, UAH 40 million has been allocated for the frontline needs of the Third Separate Assault Brigade, which today continues to carry out combat missions in the Bakhmut direction. Funds from Kyiv have already been directed to purchase cars, drones, other equipment and provide the necessary fighters of the brigade," the message says.

How all this works in favor of the army, the soldiers promised to demonstrate in the near future.

Earlier it was reported that the Kyiv City Council at the session on July 25 voted for the decision initiated by Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko to increase assistance to the military to UAH 5 billion. As Klitschko reported, these funds are intended for the purchase of drones, anti-drone weapons and other equipment needed by the defenders.

It was also reported that since the beginning of the war, Kyiv has allocated UAH 1.2 billion from the city budget for the needs of the Armed Forces.