Ukrainian presenter and blogger Masha Efrosinina spoke with pain about the service of her husband, businessman Timur Khromayev, at the front.

In Instagram stories, the celebrity admitted why she tells almost nothing about her lover, who is now defending the country from Russian invaders. In general, for the presenter this is a difficult topic that she is not ready to talk about.

According to Efrosinina, she is a public person, each of her statements can be vigorously discussed. However, Masha is offended when someone can write negative comments about Timur's service. So the presenter decided to refrain from public discussions.

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"It is still difficult for me to talk about the only thing - how I actually live every day with the fear of losing my loved one, my husband. You can see that I don't write anything about it. Of course, the topic is very complex. I live most of my life in public and understand exactly how every word I say in the public field can be interpreted, taken out of context, molded with something. Do whatever you want with any topic that concerns me, but I'm not ready to give my pain to it. Sometimes, when I try to write something about Timur and that he is at the front, I react to every comment. And I react to this very aggressively," Efrosinina commented.

Moreover, even among friends, Masha tells almost nothing about Timur's service, because not everyone understands how to behave.

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"There is another side – the reaction of people, even close friends, with whom we are going to talk at the same table at dinner. I see their reaction when I talk about Timur, they are embarrassed, it is difficult for them, they do not know how to react and how to behave. Although none of them are to blame that it was his choice. His personal choice," the presenter said.

According to Efrosinina, during the year of service at the front, her husband achieved many results, which she does not dare to talk about. Instead, a celebrity in a photoblog can show off their peaceful life. As Efrosinina explained, Timur himself asked her to do this, in order to at least distract her from the realities of the war.

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"I understand that my Timur has been there for a year. My husband achieved incredible results there. He always asks to show life. He never talks to me about war. He begs not to ask how he is doing," Efrosinina commented.

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