The ministry said on its official website in a statement that the Polish ambassador, Bartosz Tsikhotsky, was summoned today, after the statements of the head of the International Policy Office in the Polish presidency, Marcin Pšidac, about Ukraine's denial of helping Poland.She added that during the meeting with him, the ambassador was informed that such statements "do not correspond to reality and are unacceptable." Earlier, former Polish Minister of Agriculture, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, asserted in an interview with the newspaper "Fronda" that Ukraine wants Poland to sacrifice its agricultural land for its sake."I am very disappointed with the change in the rhetoric of Ukrainian politicians, led by President Vladimir Zelensky, who began to complain about Poland for trying to protect its interests. According to the former minister, the Kiev authorities are trying to take advantage of the "tragedy" in order to gain a foothold in the EU agricultural market on special terms."Polish farmers, who have problems with their own products due to market liberalization, have begun to worry about their economic situation, and change their approach towards Ukrainians. They began to wonder if there was any benefit to helping Ukraine, which apparently expects us to sacrifice our farmland."