In Poland, an 8-year-old boy received alcohol and nicotine addiction. He could drink 3-4 bottles of beer several times a week and smoke more than a dozen cigarettes.

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In Poland, in July, the Center for Psychological Support for Children and Adolescents was launched in Pila. It treats patients under the age of 18 who are addicted to psychoactive substances. The wards of the center live there throughout the course of treatment.

The psychologist of the institution, Grzegorz Zenba, said that their youngest patient is only 8 years old. He drank 3-4 cans of beer several times a week and smoked a dozen cigarettes. Now the child is treated for alcohol and nicotine addiction.

In Poland, they claim that the problem of dependent children is growing, as evidenced by the number of referrals for therapy. The Center for Psychological Support for Children and Adolescents in Pila accepts patients for voluntary therapy. It lasts from three to twelve months. Children live in the center 24 hours a day.

Recall that in Poland, while climbing mountains, a father left his 10-year-old daughter and ordered her to go down on her own, find transport and get home.

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