The European Union commented on the attacks on Russia and said that the Kremlin's statements are not credible.

This writes the Russian edition of Deutsche Welle.

"We have no data on the origin (of the UAV - ed.), circumstances and other details. And any statements by the Russian Federation on this cause very little credibility, since Russia actively manipulates any information," said Nabila Massrali, spokeswoman for the EU foreign policy service.

According to her, Russia should not use drone attacks as a pretext "to further escalate its continuous illegal and barbaric attacks on Ukraine and its people." Russia must "immediately and unconditionally" withdraw its troops, protégés and military equipment from Ukraine, the diplomat said.

We will remind, several drones attacked Moscow on the night of August 1 and again there are hits in the towers of the business center "Moscow City". Russia has traditionally blamed Ukraine for everything. has collected everything that is known about the night drone raid on Moscow.

In turn, the Kremlin, after the second drone attack on Moscow in a few days, said that the threat of further strikes exists. They didn't say a word there anymore.

Analysts believe that UAV attacks on Moscow and other regions of Russia reduce the Kremlin's ability to wage war against Ukraine. They provoke disagreements among the Russian command. This opinion was expressed by The New York Times.

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