China on Monday announced export restrictions on some of the equipment needed to produce drones amid escalating tensions with the United States over access to technology.

China's commerce ministry said in a statement that restrictions on equipment, including some drone engines, lasers, communications equipment and drone protection systems, would take effect on Sept. 1.

It said the restrictions were aimed at "protecting national security and interests".

China restricts exports of materials for chip production

They come after Beijing also announced export restrictions on some metals widely used in chip manufacturing earlier last month, following U.S. action aimed at restricting China's access to key technologies, such as chip-making equipment.

China has a large drone manufacturing industry and exports to several markets, including the United States.

It was reported in Congress that more than 50 percent of the drones sold in the U.S. are made by China-based DJI and they are the most popular drone used by public safety agencies.

China's commerce ministry said in April that U.S. and Western media were spreading "baseless accusations" that Beijing was exporting drones to the battlefield in Ukraine, adding that the reports were an attempt to "denigrate" Chinese firms and the country would continue to tighten export controls on drones and equipment for them.


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