In December 2020, the HKSAR Government allocated $12 billion to cover the next few years of spending on safeguarding national security, and in March this year allocated another $80 billion, or a total of $3 billion. Under the Hong Kong National Security Law, revenue and expenditure must be kept confidential, and the HKSAR National Security Commission Secretariat has a dedicated accounting and finance team responsible for handling financial matters, reporting directly to the Financial Secretary, who has reviewed the 50 financial statements.
Secretary for Security Mr Tang Ping-keung explained in a TV programme broadcast today (130th) that the reason for not disclosing the details of expenditure is to prevent people from speculating and attacking the government's national security work, "The trick is that you don't know when I run out, and you don't know how much I use."

Mr. Deng declined to disclose the spending on the national security project. (Data film / Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

In an interview with the cable TV program "Home Country World", Tang Bingqiang's latest episode mentioned the 130 billion yuan expenditure of national security, emphasizing that a report will also be submitted to the Legislative Council every year, but Article 14 of the National Security Law mentions that the work of combating endangering national security should be kept confidential, because the fight against endangering national security is very important and confidential, and the details of national security will not be disclosed in all societies, including expenditures.

He said, "Because if you disclose it, you will know my method of cracking down on it based on individual expenditures, which is absolutely detrimental to the national security department!"

When asked whether the $130 billion already allocated has been used up and whether additional funding will be made in the future, Mr Tang said, "One of the tricks about me is that you don't know when I run out of money, and you don't know how much money I use, and you need time to save more." In order to prevent people from speculating and attacking our national security work."

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