Over the Black Sea over the past day there was activity of Russian tactical aviation. The invaders attacked Snake Island with aerial bombs.

This was announced on the air of the national telethon by the head of the joint coordination press center of the defense forces of southern Ukraine Natalia Gumeniuk.

"This is another way for the enemy to mark his dominance. They again made a sortie towards Snake Island and tried to bombard it. Around the island, two aerial bombs of unknown origin were detonated. This means that the enemy continues to put pressure on civilian shipping, in particular, to demonstrate who is the "boss" in the Black Sea," Humeniuk said.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video "Chongar Bridge – Everything! The Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed a successful strike!"

Recall, Natalia Gumeniuk told details about the new strike on the Chongar bridge.

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