In early August, the long-awaited repair of the Orthodox church in the village of Voden begins, the Mayor of Bolyarovo Hristo Hristov announced at a briefing.

Funds have been provided for the urgent repair of the roof. BGN 18,000 were collected from donations, and BGN 30,000 were allocated from the municipal budget.

Fire burns down church in Palermo

The church has a unique architecture, but unfortunately it is collapsing. The most critical is the condition of the bell tower and the roof. Leaks have begun to penetrate the walls and damage the frescoes. The roof is in very poor condition if it is not done - I do not know if next winter will have worse consequences, Hristov said. Funds from the Sliven Bishopric are also expected for the repair of the temple, which is a monument of culture of local importance, the mayor added, quoted by BTA.

The Church of Sv. Great Martyr George" in the village of Voden was built in 1902 on the site of the temple burned during the Russo-Turkish War. The columns of the church walls are built of blue-green stones, carried overnight by carts from Lozengrad.


Voden village

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