The disastroussituation in Haskovo region remains in forcebecause ofthe fires.

"Currently, there are three major fires in the area that have not been localized. They are in the villages of Dabovets and Malki Voden, in the village of Sesame – to the villages of Tatarevo and Garvanovo – where the fire has grown. Heavy equipment was sent to the village of Romelia, Stambolovo municipality. Because of the change of wind direction, the flames are growing." This was stated at a briefing by the Regional Governor of Haskovo Krasimir Angelov.

In his words, there is no danger to people. "We expect the military to be involved in putting out the fires. Heavy equipment has been sent from Burgas and Maritsa Mines," he said.

It is forbidden to light an open fire and treat pastures after 11 am because of the extreme danger of outbreaks of field and forest fires.