Ukraine can use sea drones to solve at least three problems.

This opinion was expressed by retired Navy captain Andriy Ryzhenko, informs

He said that sea drones can be used to demining coastal zones, they can conduct reconnaissance, as well as strike at the enemy.

Ryzhenko said that naval drones are best suited for attacks on fixed targets — ports, ships at anchor, hydraulic structures, etc.

It is more difficult to attack high-speed ships and boats because it requires constantly updating information about the location of the vessel. In addition, 70 kg of explosives can damage a corvette or frigate, but not destroy them.

It will be more effective to attack civilian ships on which Russia carries weapons through the Bosphorus. Such targets are slow and follow a specific route.

However, drones have already attacked the reconnaissance ship "Ivan Hurs" in the middle of the sea. And on the night of July 25, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, they tried to attack the patrol ship Sergei Kotov, which the Russians, according to the British, sent to intercept civilian ships

"Drones are a very good and cost-effective component of the mosquito fleet," Ryzhenko summed up.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Russian invaders took some break in the shelling of the southern part of Ukraine, but the number of attacks did not fall much.

In addition, we previously reported that Ukraine in a new package of assistance from the United States will receive a batch of tiny Black Hornet nanodrones, which are used for reconnaissance.

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