Today, the war in Ukraine ends the first half, if we draw a football analogy.

ATO veteran and head of the Return Alive Foundation Taras Chmut said this in an interview with BBC News Ukraine.

Thus, the journalist of the publication asked Chmut to draw a football analogy with the current events of the war in Ukraine, as the head of the Defence Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov did in February.

Recall that Budanov then assessed the events in the war as follows, if we compare them with a football match: "The score is 1:1, and the minute is 70th. It's a subjective vision." However, Chmut does not share the opinion of the head of military intelligence.

"I understand very well where Budanov's opinion comes from, and it is absolutely logical from the point of view of his systemic vision. Please note that he is almost the only official who has his own line, very specific, which he has held since the pre-war period. He does not jump, like many, from betrayal to victory. Within its clear line, it is very consistent, and this is very rare for our officials," said the head of the Come Back Alive Charitable Foundation.

In his opinion, Ukrainian the counteroffensive that is currently underway and will continue in the fall is "all the first half."


I don't believe it's the 70th minute, although I would really like it to be. I would say that the first half is coming to an end now. Our offensive, summer, autumn – it's all the first half. That is, now it's about the 30th minute, the score... 2:2," Chmut assessed.

Recall that in his February interview, Budanov also stated that Ukraine has every chance to end the war in the summer of 2023 with the de-occupation of all territories and the exit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the borders of 1991.

And in July 2023, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov suggested that the war in Ukraine could end by the summer of 2024, after which the state would join NATO.

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