In this war, sooner or later, everyone will serve in the army - from journalists to builders, from repairmen to gamers.

This opinion was expressed in an interview with the BBC by Taras Chmut, an ATO veteran, founder of the Ukrainian Military Center and head of the Return Alive Foundation.

"Everyone who served was once a person who had not yet served. In 2015, after graduating from the university, I did not serve, but I joined the army, like a good third of our foundation in different years. You must be prepared for the fact that in this war everyone will serve - one way or another, sooner or later," he said.

Chmut stressed that it could not be an excuse "I can't do anything, I know nothing." According to him, if a person knows how to use the phone, has two arms and two legs, "which is really not necessary in terms of legs", then he can already do some work in the army.

"Believe me, there is a place for everyone – from journalists to builders, from repairmen to gamers – to have the desire and motivation. Previously, in the army, a person who normally uses Excel was a great value at the battalion level," said Taras Chmut.

He stressed that it is not necessary for everyone to be able to shoot from all types of weapons on the first day of service.

"It is enough to have the desire and motivation. Now, while you are not there, you have a unique opportunity to prepare yourself in terms of courses, studying materials, literature, correcting or improving health, physical fitness, and so on. But, in any case, let's call things correctly: we must be ready that one way or another everyone will serve," the expert believes.

However, he added that they would not be able to take everyone to war at once, because the country must function.

"There will be a moment when someone who has won back a year, a year and a half, two will be exchanged for someone who has not done it yet. The rotation process will begin. And this means that they will take those who have not been yet. And so it will reach everyone," Taras Chmut believes.

Recall that the parliamentary committee on national security, defense and intelligence supported the extension of martial law and general mobilization from August 18 for another 90 days — until November 15.

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