In the Colombian port city of Cartagena, eyewitnesses filmed a completely naked young woman.

Writes about it

She walked down the street wearing sneakers, hat and sunglasses in the Marbella area.

When she caught the attention of a group of motorcyclists, she reportedly covered her face and tried to ignore them.

in Colombia / Photo:

Local media claim that she was between 25 and 30 years old and that she was a tourist in the city. It's unclear why she decided to undress, but maybe she did so because of the 40-degree heat.

The Cartagena Metropolitan Police has not yet responded to the incident.

One local resident commented: "Couldn't anyone give her something to cover up or pay for a taxi? What a sad society that just makes videos and has fun."

Others believed that she was an influential person taking a naked walk for the sake of popularity on the Web.

We will remind, in Rivne completely naked man escaped from the police. He broke a billboard and ran to the restaurant for vegetables.

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