The drill at the island's main Taoyuan International Airport was part of the annual Han Kuang exercise, which began on Monday, and focuses on "protecting infrastructure and striking incoming enemy ships to keep key waterways open."

China, which considers Taiwan part of its territory, has been conducting frequent drills around the island over the past three years to pressure Taipei to accept China's claim to the island, despite strong resistance from the island to the idea.

The Ministry of Defense said that "the exercises were carried out with the participation of 6 helicopters, including Apache attack aircraft, and about 180 soldiers, to simulate the repelling of an enemy force that took control of the air control facilities at the airport."

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, who is overseeing separate exercises in the Taoyuan region, said Taiwan should strengthen its strength in anticipation of an emergency.

"We must continue to strengthen Taiwan's strength in the face of disasters, so that, when faced with threats, we can recover quickly and minimize the impact of disruptions," she said, according to Reuters.