The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (AMB) will decide on the next flight interest rate this week.

AAPA-Economics reports that on July 26, the ECB will unveil its fifth decision on interest rates during this year. Earlier, on June 21, the ECB's Governing Body kept the flight rate unchanged at 9%, the lower limit on the interest rate lock at 7.5%, and the upper limit of the interest rate lock at 10%.

The Central Bank has said it will also make its next monetary policy decisions, taking into account the risks of domestic and external inflation, the degree to which actual and expected inflation is avoided from the target. "The Central Bank will continue to conduct a thorough analysis of inflationary factors, using all the tools in its regulation to return inflation to the target framework through monetary conditions," he said. "In the event of a sustained stagnation of inflationary pressures, monetary policy will be taken to a standstep at least until September of this year, and in later stages the possibility of softening it," the Central Bank said in a statement.