The woman was shocked when she realized that she had accidentally urinated on a snake in her toilet.

A TikTok user under the nickname Christina Phillip998 has uploaded a gruesome video after discovering a yellow snake in her toilet.

In the video, which has already been viewed more than 11 million times, a woman screams after making a creepy discovery.

"Oh my God. I just urinated! I urinated! Look how big it is!" she cries, struggling to breathe.

@missycina ♬ original sound - Christina Phillip998

The 22-second clip stunned many viewers. In the comments, they wrote that this is one of their fears.

  • This is my biggest fear
  • That's why I check every time before I sit down, because it's really happening
  • It would kill me instantly. I definitely wouldn't recover from it, you're better than me
  • After that, there will be bullet holes everywhere in my bathroom

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