Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina could not contain her emotions after the Russian occupiers launched a missile strike on the historic center of Odessa on the night of July 23.

In her Instagram post, the celebrity outraged the cynicism and ruthlessness of Russians, who are proving their inhumanity more and more every day. As Masha admitted, all this time she feels strong hatred, and also fear for her husband, who is now at the forefront.

"Yesterday I talked to my husband and his brother - I caught myself thinking that I would not get used to it, as Timur talks about how many enemies they send to the priests every day. This is my Timur, a man who had never even spoken a bad word about anyone before, says that "today was a good day - we put down a lot of orcs and their equipment. However, Masyanchyk, we saved our partridges from shelling..." I am poisoned by hatred and constant fear for my husband. Exhausted. You felt it from my recent publications - too many unbearably strong emotions in various aspects of my life," the presenter shared her emotions.

Masha Efrosinina reacted to the statements of propagandists / Photo:

Efrosinina also added to her publication a fragment of one of the programs from a Russian propaganda channel, in which the capitalist Vladimir Solovyov, along with other supporters of the dictator, says that "it is necessary to destroy Kyiv" and other Ukrainian cities. In addition, the propagandists had the audacity to say that they would make Odessa the capital.

"Russia is a cancer on the face of the planet. It must be removed by all possible methods! Here I have enough strength never to give up," Masha responded.

Recall that on the night of July 23, the Russian occupiers launched missile strikes on Odesa. As a result of the attack, the Transfiguration Cathedral and residential buildings in the city center were destroyed. Ukrainian celebrities also reacted to the criminal actions of Russians.

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