Do I need to wash new children's clothes

Usually, clothes begin to buy a child before birth. And immediately the question arises: do I need to wash new clothes? The answer to it is unequivocal - yes. First of all, you do not know in what conditions things were transported and stored, how much dust and germs they collected on themselves during this time. Laundry and high-quality ironing are mandatory measures.

How to wash baby clothes: by hand or in a washing machine

This dilemma is constantly facing young mothers. On the one hand, with the help of hand washing, you can gently wash all things, save energy and water. On the other hand, the use of the washing machine is convenient and comfortable, saves time. What to choose? Here you need to build on your capabilities. If you have time for hand washing, you can clean all clothes that way.

The main advantage of hand washing can be called the possibility of using gentle detergents.

If we talk about the advantages of the washing machine, they are obvious:

  • cleaning a large number of things in a short period of time;
  • faster and easier removal of stains, even resistant ones;
  • better rinsing things (especially if you choose the right mode);
  • more free time to devote to his baby.

How to wash children's clothes in the washing machine? The most important thing is to remember the correct temperature. It is recommended to set no more than 40-50 degrees. Due to too hot water, clothes may deform.

How to wash clothes for babies: soap or powder

How to wash children's clothes: soap or powder? / Photo:

How to wash children's clothes, figured out. Now let's move on to the question: what is better to clean the stains on it? First of all, it is worth remembering that washing children's clothes should be carried out only with the help of special environmentally friendly products, without rinses or conditioners. A child may be allergic to chemistry. The stores sell washing powders for children's clothing, which have a softer formula.

Please note that the composition of the product does not contain the following substances:

  • phosphorites, phosphonates, phosphates;
  • anionic surfactants (A-surfactants);
  • Flavors are synthetic substances that give a special aroma to the powder and can cause allergic reactions in babies.

Particular attention should be paid to the question of how to wash children's clothes in the hospital? Check that the packaging of the special product is marked 0+ (this means that the powder or gel is suitable for washing babies' things).

You can also use baby soap. It is worth noting that it can even be added to the washing machine. Before washing, you just need to grate a piece on fine chips.

How to wash children's clothes: the main nuances to consider

  • Be sure to read the labels on things from the manufacturer - bacteria cannot be killed by low temperature, so pediatricians recommend washing baby clothes in hot water. However, clothing for babies is often made of cotton, which can "sit down" from a high temperature. What to do? Wash in a washing machine using special modes.
  • Do not wash children's and adult clothes together - bacteria from your clothes can get on the baby's things. It is recommended to wash children's clothes in front of adults so that even in the drum of the washing machine there are no dangerous germs.
  • To eliminate heavy dirt, you need to pre-soak the child's clothes - even if you understand how to wash children's clothes, stains often remain on the fabric. Therefore, you need to wipe them with laundry soap before washing and leave them in clean water for 30 minutes. Then you can wash by hand or in a washing machine.