He announced this on his page.

"I am initiating an extraordinary session of the Kyiv City Council.

1. Kyiv will direct even more funds to help units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To date, the capital has already allocated more than UAH 1.2 billion to finance the security and defense forces. And we, as planned, will continue to allocate funds from the city budget.

2. Even more drones and other necessary for our defenders. We hope for a "green light" from the government regarding the necessary permits and assistance and not creating obstacles.

3. The city will also provide maximum support to drone manufacturers. "Premises, benefits, full assistance," Klitschko said.

According to him, no new major infrastructure projects in the capital are currently planned.

"Everyone should have one priority - all the strength and funds for the Victory. And there should be understanding and joint efforts of local, central authorities and society," Klitschko stressed.

Also earlier, Klitschko published data on Kyiv's assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, the city allocated UAH 1.2 billion for the needs of the army. These funds go, in particular, to military uniforms, body armor and helmets. For the purchase of drones, radio stations, repair of military equipment, transport.

Kyiv also transfers to the soldiers at the front line, which it attracts itself - from international partners. In particular, cars, drones, Starlink systems, generators, first aid kits.