Russia does not have the resources or reserves to wage war in Ukraine at such intensity for several years.

This opinion was expressed by Russian journalist and human rights activist Mark Feygin.

"There is no such reserve, there is no such resource, at least from Moscow, and from the parties of others, to wage this war for years in such intensity. Unable to bear its rhythm, neither side and the Ukrainian one is also difficult. Therefore, I do not believe that the war, in principle, will drag on for years, because the resource will be exhausted much earlier," the expert says.

In his opinion, by the end of 2023, negotiations can begin and the active phase of hostilities end. Feygin does not rule out that the situation at the front will become similar to what it has been since 2014 on the demarcation line in Donbas.

"The main argument is that there will be elections in America next year. Biden, frankly, is not in perfect condition. In order for him to stay for the next 4 years, he needs to demonstrate an incredible result. He can demonstrate it in victory in Ukraine and sell it to his American society," the human rights activist concluded.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the full video with Mark Fegin at this link: FEYGIN: the war will end by the end of 2023

Earlier, collected the opinions of Ukrainian and Western politicians and the military, whether the war will end this year.

American diplomat, former US special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker believes that the war in Ukraine may never end.

Also, a well-known journalist of The Washington Post David Ignatius in an exclusive interview with a special correspondent of TSN told how the war in Ukraine will end.

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