According to the preparation plan for the 2023 academic year approved by Defense Minister General-Polkovnik Zakir Hasanov, tactical training is being conducted in conjunction with the Navy (HDQ), the Quran Forces (GQ), the Air Force (HHQ), and the State Border Service (DSX).

The EPA reports that the Ministry of Defence has leaked information about the case.

On July 20, the Ministry of Defence's leadership arrived at a naval base to monitor training in the protection and protection of energy infrastructure in the Azerbaijani sectors of the Xerxes Sea.
Initially, flowers were arranged in front of a monument erected in the area of the HDQ headquarters of General Leader Heydər Əliyev, and his memory was honored.
Then Vice-Admiral Subhan Bakirov, the HDG commander, gave a talk to the defense minister about the progress of the training and the assignment to be carried out.
It has been reported that the protection and protection of the territorial sector of the Azerbaijani Republic of the Xerxes Sea is highly organized by the HDQ." Our seawater is constantly monitored by pilotless aircraft and other technologies.
It has been noted that the objective of the training is to improve the knowledge and skills of commanders and headquarters officers in combat management during a potential threat in our territorial waters.
The three-stage training takes place in a variety of tasks.
The Ministry of Defence, which monitors the progress of training in the territorial sector of the Azerbaijani Republic of the Xerxes Sea, has greatly appreciated the professionalism of military personnel.
It is noteworthy that 1500,<> personnel, HDG combat, supply, DSX Coast Guard surveillance ships, HHQ helicopters, pilotless aircraft, and GQ armored combat vehicles have been involved.