【DSE/Ranking/Diploma/JUPAS】DSE Secondary Education Diploma Examination was released today (19th), and only four candidates this year achieved 7 subjects and 5** to become this year's champion, the number of record lows. It is reported that the two boys and two women came from three traditional famous schools, including the official Queen's College and the directly funded famous St. Paul's Co-educational High School and Dewang School, of which St. Paul's Co-educational High School has a boy and a girl; Three of them, two men and one woman, all received 5** in the compulsory and extended parts of mathematics because they became "16 stars" super champions.

▼On July 7, the Examination and Assessment Bureau announced 18▼


The head of the cradle of São Paulo men and women Emperor "broke the cable" and gave birth again

This year, about 4,87 candidates took DSE, including 42,391 school candidates and 6,371 self-study students, from more than 400 day schools. Secretary General of the Examinations and Assessment Bureau, Mr Wei Xiangdong, announced yesterday (18 December) that this year, two male and two female candidates achieved 7 subjects 5** (mathematics is only counted as compulsory or extended part of one result), becoming the new champions, of which two men and one woman are super champions.

Queen's College and Takwang School each produce one male and one female, while St. Paul's Co-educational High School produces two champions. According to the data, as of last year, São Paulo had a total of 15 champions, tied for first place with the Outstanding Women's College, and this year's account was two more, increasing to 17 in total, becoming the first of the cradle of champions; Tak Wang School added another champion, becoming the 13th school to produce two or more champions.

Queen's College, which has been awarded the champion every year since 2012, has not had a champion in 2022, but this year there is another champion, a total of 14, close to the female champion.

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The Examinations and Assessment Bureau (HKEA) announced yesterday the overall performance status of 17,450 candidates in 4 core subjects and 1 elective subject, with the minimum threshold of 33222 for admission to universities. Based on 1,3 JUPAS-funded places, that is, one place for every 1.3 students.

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▼April 4 Candidates diagnosed with new coronavirus disease go to the designated DSE secondary school diploma test site▼


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