Jake Sullivan, an adviser to the US leader, said that stockpiles of 155 mm ammunition, which are standard for NATO, "were relatively low" even when Joe Biden took office. So now they end at American arsenals amid military assistance to Ukraine.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said this in an interview with CNN.

It will take years, not months, to replenish stocks to the proper level, according to the White House.

Moreover, restocking is a challenge for a country that provides assistance to Ukraine.

"President Biden has directed the Pentagon to work quickly to increase the ability of the United States to produce all the ammunition we might need for any conflict at any time. Month after month, we are increasing our ability to deliver ammunition," Sullivan said.

It should be added that 155 mm caliber ammunition is a high-explosive fragmentation high-precision munition with a laser semi-active homing head. These ammunition was developed for both 152 mm and 155 mm guns.

At the same time, the White House said that they intend to provide Ukraine with the necessary support for all the time it will take, in particular, because the future of Ukraine is in NATO.

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